Biru Paksha Paul | The Daily Star
  • Biru Paksha Paul

    The writer is visiting fellow at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) and guest faculty at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University.

  • It's all about institutions

    Anyone who visits Dhaka for the first time may be excused for thinking that Bangladesh is a rich country with millions of automobiles.
  • Inflation phobia of central bank hampers growth

    The latest monetary policy testifies that the central bank is behaving like the Germans who once regarded inflation as more dangerous than a bomb.
  • Taking banks further away from the public

    When I, along with another colleague of mine, went to Philadelphia to interview jobseekers, the findings of one interviewee's dissertation reminded me of something: the recent news on bank directors in Bangladesh.
  • How early nominations can help the economy

    We can reduce this kind of political setback on the economy only by channelling the political exuberance in a positive way. Whatever control the election commission brings on the size of the spending by candidates, the political nominees will spend the most anyway.
  • Dramas, dilemmas and doldrums

    Bangladeshis relish drama and nothing is more drama-filled than election time. The atmosphere will be one of excitement and uncertainty this year.