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  • Mahfuz Anam

    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star

  • SM Ali

    Desperately missing his guidance in this era of press bashing

    It was my grand privilege to have succeeded our founding editor SM Ali in November 1993. Journalism has undergone dramatic transformation in these last 24 years, regrettably not all for the better.
  • Tribute to Annisul Huq: Demise of a changemaker

    He was at his prime. Dynamic and full of energy, he was a man on a mission. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's surprising and insightful decision to nominate a nonparty man for the vital post of one of the two mayors of the country's capital turned out to be a brilliant one. Given the opportunity, he was determined to prove that he was a worthy choice.
  • In the shadow of violence: Editor's note

    In this special issue of Star Weekend, we tried to cover the persecution of the Rohingyas from various aspects. Written by renowned scholars with expertise in different fields, the articles argue for a more nuanced understanding of the crisis and suggest possible ways forward.
  • Rohingya crisis A concern for the region

    Rohingya crisis: A concern for the region

    Myanmar, on its part must, realise that blaming all the current atrocities on the so-called terrorists and claiming that its security forces had nothing to do with the crimes committed, in spite of unvarying accounts of thousands of refugees to the contrary, is neither credible nor helpful in solving the situation.
  • Why this special issue on Partition?

    Is history too much with us? In some sense, yes, but in its broader and deeper sense, no.