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  • Maliha Khan

    The writer is a graduate of the Asian University for Women with a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.


    On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, Star Weekend profiled several prominent
  • Censorship and the Boi Mela

    “From a love for our language, for the Liberation War, and for the nation has arisen a shared sense of democracy and freedom of
  • How well are female workers protected by the law?

    Equal pay for equal work, the right to form a union—these, among other standards, protect workers from exploitation in the
  • Tenants: At the mercy of landlords

    Ananya Paul, 26, a working professional in Dhaka had an eye-opening experience of religious harmony (or lack thereof) while house-hunting in Dhaka. In 2015, she and her in-laws went searching for an apartment in the Banasree area.
  • The Post

    So said Katharine Graham, The Washington Post publisher, on the phone to her editors, making a decision that turned out to have historic consequences for the United States and that elevated her paper to national standing.