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  • Nilima Jahan

    Reporter/Feature Writer at Star Weekend, The Daily Star; Loves nature, arts, music and eating a lot of spicy foods. She can be contacted at

  • Inked in blood

    For Manik Chandra Saha, work always came first. It's not as though he never spent any time with his family, but there were few things that got the veteran journalist more excited than the possibility of a scoop. Unfortunately, that pursuit paved the way for his death.
  • A sanctuary for the 'troublemakers'

    In a world of expensive rentals and shared housing, where bachelors are often treated as troublemakers by landlords, the Sarder Colony of south Kamlapur has become a sanctuary for such people.
  • No place at the table

    The news of losing his waiter gig struck 35-year-old Nesar Ali like a bolt. Nesar, who had never taken a day off in his four years at the restaurant, took seven days' leave from his owner for his sister's wedding back in the village.
  •  bread and butter

    What of the bread and butter of our bakers?

    Fifty-four-year-old Md Belal Hossain works at a small bakery in Ibrahimpur, Mirpur. He has learnt only one trade in his life—making bread, biscuits, cakes, and confectionery items on the dirty floors of grim bakeries.
  • Cancer: Not just a rich man's disease

    “When my husband stopped talking to me, all the responsibility of my treatment fell on my elderly father, who is a farmer. He had to sell off our land, three cows and trees to fund my treatment”