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  • Rubana Huq

    Managing Director, Mohammadi Group

  • All Over Again

    The response of your columnist to the question “How are you?” usually ranged from “Dhuro” back in the teen years to more currently “Could be better”/“Couldn't be better”/“Couldn't have asked for more.”
  • Rechasing Norms

    Somehow, we are not reacting fast enough. Somehow complacency is setting in.
  • “Achoo”

    I have an advisory council at home, which has unilaterally elected my son as the president, my daughter as the VP, my daughter-in-law as the general secretary, and my eldest daughter who lives abroad as my remote assistant.
  • Grief Tourist

    Stepping into unknown spaces,
  • The Final Sky

    My husband's death was one of impeccable timing. With the many programmes that he anchored, he knew how to spot climax, maximise on love and then suddenly one fine morning, he would just decide to end the season. That is how Annisul Huq decided on his last bow and left the audience in awe.