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  • Shah Husain Imam

    Columnist, The Daily Star

  • Clarity of thought and action for a livable Dhaka

    Traffic congestion has become synonymous with dwindling livability and quality of life in Dhaka.
  • Values tumbling like a can of worms

    We have a shiny sheen of socio-economic indicators, compared to those of most other South Asian countries—Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen never ceases to mention this.
  • Soft underbelly of connectivity projects?

    One would have thought that the much-heralded plans for regional, sub-regional and inter-regional connectivity projects should have added up rather than subtracted from each other.
  • The cold facts

    There are quite a few things to be noted about the on-going cold wave. Of them, two are obvious. For one thing, it has been relentless in its pattern, and therefore, cumulative and gripping in its chilling effect.
  • Assam is not Rakhine

    THE Indian state of Assam is engaged in the process of creating a database of its citizens. It is going beyond the demographic details that were available in the national census report to make use of. No other state of the Indian Union is undertaking such an exercise, and that's where the catch is.