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  • Syed Mansur Hashim

    Assistant Editor, The Daily Star

  • save water

    Save water, save money

    Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. A much less talked about issue is water efficiency and sustainability at industrial level.
  • BBS under fire, again

    The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) is the body the government depends on for data on the various sectors of the economy to make policy decisions.
  • Hariri's bombshell resignation

    We live in interesting times to say the least. Last week Hariri launched a tirade against Iran and its principal ally, Hezbollah, for trying to destabilise the region.
  • Home textile industry in a fix

    One does not give much thought to the export market for home textiles and terry towels in this country.
  • Runaway cost of living

    People, particularly those who belong to the lower income groups, have been reeling under the weight of rising cost of living for some years now.