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  • A footbridge at Chankharpul needed

    For passersby, Chankharpul intersection is a dangerous point. Four busy roads, directing to Dhaka University, Mayor Hanif Flyover, Dhaka Medical College and Old Dhaka, converge toward the intersection, which almost always remains packed with vehicles, but there is no footbridge for passersby.

  • Ensure minimum wage for tea workers

    As a nation born out of a struggle against economic and social injustice, we are morally obliged to build a society free of exploitation. Yet, a sizable portion of our population is still being exploited, and tea workers top the list. According to a report by this newspaper, even in 2018, the daily wage of a tea worker is only Tk 85, whereas even a farm worker earns Tk 300 a day. Meanwhile tea garden owners have made millions.

  • Compensating victims of road accidents

    The High Court's recent verdict asking a private bus owner and BRTC to pay Tk 1 crore as compensation to Russel Sarkar, a victim of a

  • Price hike during Ramadan

    Recently, I went to a local market to buy some bananas for Iftar, but I was taken aback by the price, which rose by Tk 40-50 per dozen in

  • Formalin use must be checked

    Some dishonest traders use formalin in food items to give them longevity and an artificially fresh look to attract buyers. Several studies have found that many food items available on the market contain a dangerous level of this harmful chemical.

  • Suicidal tendency among students

    Every year after the result of SSC/HSC exams is published, it's almost obvious that some frustrated students would commit suicide.

  • Panthokunjo, a neglected park

    Panthokunjo, a public park near Hotel Sonargaon and the SAARC Fountain, is today a neglected place. In the late '90s, it was a beautiful park, but now, it has become a dumping station. There's no gate, no walls, and no caretaker to look after the park.

  • Reforming Dhaka's bus service

    The Daily Star on May 12 published a letter titled “Bring buses under one banner” by Serajul Islam. I'd like to lend my support to the idea, which was a brainchild of Annisul Huq, the former mayor of Dhaka North.

  • Stop food adulteration during Ramadan

    During Ramadan, road-side shops sell different types of food. They may look very tempting but they are often kept in unhygienic conditions. Many of the sellers use harmful chemicals on fruits to store them.

  • Of Marx in Bangladesh

    The two-part series on Karl Marx that The Daily Star published was a good read. I am a writer and translator of material relating to

  • Managing Dhaka-Ctg highway

    It seems that traffic congestion on Dhaka-Ctg highway will remain this way unless a viable solution is found. As the roads and

  • Pasteurised milk unsafe!

    I am so worried to learn that pasteurised milk is not safe anymore. I got to know about this from a report on The Daily Star. In a recent

  • Dhaka's congestion: A tourist's perspective

    I am writing in response to the article “Traffic jam: The ugly side of Dhaka's development” by Abu Afsarul Haider in The Daily Star.

  • Stay safe from lightning strikes

    According to a recent newspaper report, as many as 112 people were killed in the last 10 days from lightning strikes. It seems lightning strikes have become deadlier than ever before in our country, especially as we continue to destroy the environment and most of our forests.

  • Corruption in educational institutions

    Stories in our newspapers about corruption in educational institutions have become extremely common. We have become accustomed to the fact that many well-known schools and colleges charge students exorbitant fees, violating the rules set by the education ministry.

  • Holding BPL 2018 in another country

    I have read in TDS that BPL 2018 may have to be deferred to January 2019 due to the upcoming general elections in Bangladesh. If this

  • Rural schools need qualified teachers

    The pass rate of this year's SSC exams is 77.77 percent whereas last year it was 80.35 percent. It has been reported that poor

  • Curbing yaba trade

    A series of reports on yaba trade in Bangladesh, recently published in this newspaper, has made me alarmed. The reports shed light on many aspects of this trade. Yaba trade is spreading at a breakneck pace. Many law enforcers who are entrusted with the job of curbing this illegal trade turned out to be involved in this. This is so worrying. However, the way law enforcement agencies have been conducting regular drives to arrest drug dealers and

  • Using university buses for political programmes

    On the occasion of the 29th national council of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), which was held on May 11, 2018, a lot of activists and leaders of the organisation came to Dhaka University campus from all across the country.

  • Training of teachers needed

    To ensure quality education in the secondary level, the government introduced the creative question system over the last few years. The system requires students to have a broad understanding of a specific topic. This was intended to reduce their dependence on memorisation and increase their critical thinking and analytical abilities.

  • Help our farmers

    It is a matter of great regret that for all our development, we haven't been able to change the plight of our farmers. They do not get fair

  • Mahathir's electoral triumph

    Mahathir Mohammad's electoral triumph in the recently held Malaysian election was extraordinary. He had ruled the country for over two

  • Bailing out Farmers Bank

    The government is all set to bail out the scam-hit Farmers Bank. In my opinion, such a move will set a dangerous precedence and will have negative consequences in the future. Despite doubling the interest rates on deposits, the bank has failed to attract new customers. Also, it could not regain its clients' confidence after restructuring the board twice. Under these circumstances, if the government injects fresh capital into the bank, it will drain out too.

  • Publish quota gazette soon

    We are dismayed at the cabinet secretary's recent remark that there was no progress in issuing the gazette notification scrapping the present quota system in public service jobs. This is a violation of the prime minister's directive.

  • The world must help Rohingyas

    The Rohingya crisis is one of the gravest humanitarian crises of our time. In the face of unspeakable horror unleashed by Myanmar's military force, nearly a million Rohingyas fled their country to Bangladesh. They have been living in the refugee camps ever since.

  • Restriction on media's election coverage

    For a democracy to survive, elections should be conducted in a free and fair manner. But in Bangladesh we have experienced that if an

  • Bring buses under one banner

    People have grown tired of repeating the fact that Dhaka needs a more comfortable and usable public transport system. Mayor Annisul Huq, before his untimely death, took an initiative to organise and bring together all bus owners under one single banner to form a company in which each owner would hold a proportionate share.

  • Launching Bangabandhu Satellite

    Bangabandhu Satellite-1, the first geostationary communications satellite of Bangladesh, will be launched from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA. Thales Alenia Space, a French company, designed and built the satellite, which already underwent several test runs.

  • Marx is still relevant

    From May 5, 1818 to May 5, 2018 - yes, Karl Marx, had he been alive, would have been 200 years old! He is still relevant, because Marxism is very much alive and kicking in welfare states in the Scandinavian region. Even the United States, the bastion of free market capitalism, cannot deny the influence of Marxism in some of its most celebrated programmes such as subsidised or free health care, education and allowance for the unemployed.

  • Staying safe during thunderstorms

    Around 24 people across the country died in a single day recently after being struck by lightning. This shows that many people still do not know what precautions to take during severe thunderstorms.