Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Take actions against BCL leaders in Rajshahi

    The Daily Star reported on December 7 that some Chhatra League (BCL) leaders assaulted five female students of the Institute of Health Technology in Rajshahi in front of police and the principal of the institute.

  • Pay teachers' salaries

    Secondary Education Quality and Access Enhancement Project (SEQAEP) is one of the largest safety net projects in the secondary education sector. Under this project, run by the education ministry and funded by the government and World Bank, more than 6,000 graduates from renowned public universities work as additional class teachers.

  • Banks are losing public confidence

    Bank robbery nowadays does not necessarily require for robbers to physically break into a bank and steal the money from its vault.

  • The irony of Ershad's case

    I still vividly remember the day Hussain Muhammad Ershad was forced to resign from the office of the president.

  • Trump's Jerusalem decision might spark violence

    Recently, the US President Donald Trump announced that he would relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He also officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This irresponsible and provocative step by the US administration might escalate tensions and violence in an already volatile Middle East.

  • Dhaka's air pollution

    Air pollution levels in Dhaka are already high. With uncontrolled emissions from motor vehicles, constant road repairs, and poorly

  • Mismanaged healthcare system

    An article published by this newspaper on December 7 about hospital mismanagement caught my attention. The report shows how terribly the healthcare system is managed in our country.

  • Condemn Trump's Jerusalem move

    The US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is indeed a wrong move. Despite the warning of a dire consequence from world leaders, Trump went ahead with his plan. Many world leaders seem to have opposed the move because it might spark violence and turmoil. However, in my opinion, they should have opposed the idea only on the basis that it was not a right thing to do.

  • TV programmes on education and agriculture

    Our local TV channels mostly broadcast common programmes like drama, music and talk show, cooking show, and of course, advertisements. However, we hardly find any programme on education or agriculture. Maybe our TV channels don't find it financially

  • Tareque Masud

    A landmark ruling!

    The High Court's order for concerned parties to compensate the family of celebrated filmmaker Tareque Masud who was killed in a road accident in 2011 is a landmark verdict in our country's history. This will hopefully set a precedent for other victims or their families to receive compensation for their losses as well.

  • Digitisation with security in focus

    Digitisation of the regular operations of financial institutions yields efficiency and convenience for the customers. But on the other hand, it may expose the whole system to hacking, stealing and other security threats.

  • Smartphone addiction

    The news item titled “Smartphone addiction—It can lead to an imbalance in brain” published by this newspaper on December 1 caught

  • No new banks, please

    Our banking sector is in disarray, as the number of non-performing loans is soaring at an alarming level. Currently, 57 banks are operating in the country.

  • Doctors' negligence

    Recently, this newspaper published an editorial on the gross negligence of a doctor following a story published the day before.

  • Bangla Academy should build a website for kids

    I'm working on a wordbook for children. The other day, I needed to know the English word for Koi mas. SoI searched in Bangla Academy's dictionaries, but to no avail.

  • Annisul Huq: A glimmer of hope gone

    Annisul Huq, the confident, charismatic, inspiring and bold mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, has passed away, and with him a bit of hope for millions of city dwellers.

  • Solving Dhaka's sewage problem

    In October of this year, the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) issued a request for expressions of interest for a “Technical Assistance Project for the Preparatory Activities of the proposed Dhaka Sanitation Improvement Project (DSIP) (Phase-I).”

  • Wealth disparity getting out of control

    A report titled “World Wealth Report–2017” published by Credit Swiss Research Institute a few days ago, shocked us. The report exposed the growing wealth disparity between the rich and poor. It revealed that half of the world's wealth is in the hands of the top one percent of the world's population.

  • Protect groundwater, while building RNPP

    Bangladesh is very rich in terms of groundwater storage and aquifer properties and in terms of annual replenishment directly from rainfall and from many rivers and waterbodies.

  • Nuisance of illegally parked cars

    Monday's lead news report in The Daily Star on illegal parking in the city should not come as a shock to anyone. I, along with millions of Dhaka residents, bear witness to this on a daily basis.

  • Change fiscal year to coincide with calendar year

    I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion made by Biru Paksha Paul, in an op-ed piece published by this newspaper on November 12,

  • Environment-friendly vehicle?

    Recently, I came across a news story by AFP headlined VW to spend 34b euros in drive to become e-car leader. Several European nations

  • Save children from hazardous work

    Many countries around the world, including Bangladesh, banned child labour. At an age when children are supposed to receive primary education, many in our country are forced to work, sometimes seven days a week.

  • Repeal PSC and JSC exams

    JSC exams for class VIII students have just concluded, and class V students are gearing up for PSC (PECE) exams. My Facebook feed

  • Bhashani's memorabilia

    This is in reference to the news titled “Maulana Bhashani memorabilia” which appeared in this newspaper recently. It comes as a shock to

  • Tackle drug problem

    Nowadays, too many young people from high school to university are taking drugs of different types such as marijuana, phensedyl, etc. I saw with my own eyes children aged 15-17 smoking in public places.

  • JnU should offer engineering courses

    If Bangladesh can continue its current economic progress, it will soon join the league of middle-income nations. But the shortage of technical professionals in the country may be an impediment to our desired growth.

  • Biodiversity in South and Southeast Asia

    Countries in South and Southeast Asia have varied agro-climatic zones representing unique terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, forests, spectacular wildlife, and unimaginably rich biodiversity.

  • Myanmar army chief's comment disturbing

    The Myanmar army chief's remark that Rohingya refugees cannot return to their country until “real Myanmar citizens” are ready to accept them is deeply disturbing. It comes at a time when the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh are working on a

  • Snakebites during floods

    One of the most common challenges in South Asia during monsoon is flood. During a flood, there are usually two recurring, potentially deadly threats faced by the people: communicable diseases and snakebites.