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  • Beautiful Anger exhibition by Rubina Akhter

    Although a graduate from art college, Rubina Akhter was never really fond of painting. And yet, the artist in her found solace in strokes of bold colours every time she was faced with emotions too complex emotions for words. For the past twenty years, it has been art that has helped Rubina Akhter navigate her way through life. And soon enough, she found herself bemused with the huge stockpile of art that she had created over the years.

  • Comically Drawn-inspiring to be inspired

    And let's not forget the merchandise, from posters to figures to custom art; nothing is too big or too small for the crowds of fans! Social media has made it easier to connect and showcase an individual's work, and Comically Drawn- a venture from Puja Sarkar, is already making the rounds in this virtual gallery. For its beginnings, Sarkar's own words are the best to relate, “It just happened.”

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    Men's grooming with Trim: Salon and Spa

    In the world of fashion and self-care, the salon does not only belong to women. With time and trends changing, men have established

  • Utsho Bangladesh

    Dating as far back as 25 years, a vision to create a safe shelter with quality education to underprivileged children took form. At the heart of an attempt to make the lives of children from impoverished families a little better, stood a visionary --Mahbooba Mahmood Leena, Executive Director of Utsho Bangladesh.

  • Woman's World in an era of new firsts

    The glitz, the glamour and the red carpet were all a part of the launch of 'Kona by Farnaz Alam'. From top models of our country to ace photographers, from some of the best makeup artists to the best beauty bloggers, A-list guests attended the inauguration ceremony.

  • Signature Lounge by Standard Chartered at HSIA Rejuvenate your travel experience

    Standard Chartered Bank, Nakshikatha and Westin have teamed up to create and operate “Signature Lounge” at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) for the bank's Priority Banking clients and Premium card holders. The exclusive lounge was inaugurated on November 25.

  • Uber launches uberHIRE in Dhaka

    Uber Premier: Easy ride for a busy life

    Almost a year since its launch in November of 2016, Uber strives to keep on “revolutionising the way millions of people think about getting around cities,” as proclaimed by Arpit Mundra, General Manager, Uber Dhaka, in a press release.

  • Refresh your Italian senses at Amaya, Amari

    'Ciao Dhaka' festival that was held between November 2 to 10, was a sneak preview to all gastronomic devotees regarding the new Italian section available at the buffet section in Amaya, Amari.

  • Gourmet Bazar Banani — The new store in town

    As I took the elevator up to attend the opening of Gourmet Bazar's Banani store, I wondered at the oddity of having a super market on the third floor of a building.

  • Brac Inn and The Artisan have it all

    Brac is known for creating change. They have created jobs for millions, helping many take a leap of faith and succeed in reaching the pinnacle of success.

  • Living in a material world

    Samuel Hoque's A/W collection is as maximalist as it gets if you're getting FOMO thinking about Sabyasachi's collab with Louboutin, consider: those blinged up red-soled sneakers and slides are cool, but there's homegrown talent that's bringing the heat this season.

  • The Quintessential Escape

    You are sitting in a chair with a soft and spongy cushion for comfort, and enjoying the splendid view right in front of your eyes.

  • Escape Myst: Into a world of mystery and adventure

    The hidden Sherlock in you is busy investigating the case of the missing artefact. You have managed to unearth some clues, but you cannot seem to figure out a cryptic message found hidden behind the flower vase. You have been struggling with it for quite some time now, when suddenly you hear a voice say, “Do you want a hint?”

  • Aarong Eid ul Azha Collection 2017

    In the world of fashion, monsoon holds a special position — it's a time when every fashionista gets a chance to effortlessly flaunt bright colours and subtle hues at the same time. There are no steadfast rules and the clothing often resembles the mood of the wearer.

  • Infinite Sports — an experience of a lifetime

    Did you ever dream of watching an El Classico in the UEFA Champions League live in the stadium?

  • Unfolding a stunning story

    What do you have as a result? An amazing style that is second to none; this very design is a part of Aarong's high- end, niche, sub-

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    Top 5 children friendly restaurants in Dhaka

    Getting children to behave in a fine-dine restaurant can be a nightmare for parents. So if you want to enjoy eating out with your children, these child friendly restaurants act like a beacon of hope for you to enjoy a peaceful meal!

  • Mayasir by Maheen Khan

    Mayasir is showcasing a fine array of Baishakhi designs. It stands to represent a purely local orientation in styles that are diverse, yet functional.

  • The Mer-people’s Songs: Mermaid Beach Resort

    There I was, my head lying on the most comfortable pillow, my eyes closed and my mind being serenaded by a cool breeze energised by the sea, bringing in the fragrance of an unending ocean.

  • Neelkowri Bajra: The exquisite past in Kaptai Lake

    There was a time when the aristocrats of Bengal spent their time on bajras—the magnificent boats meant to be languished in on river waters.

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    Trying out Jhunur Polau for the first time

    I had not been to Jhunu Polau Ghor before, but I kept hearing about it quite a lot. “Their 'morog polau' is legendary,” many people promised. “It's a must-have,” recommendations came from time to time.

  • Sandesh by Shekhar: 1000 Possibilities

    The good-natured and amicable Chandra Shekhar Shaha - fondly called 'Shekhar da' by all - is a whirlwind of stories and knowledge.

  • Subscribe to slim!

    Let us be honest here. Workouts are not a fun activity for us to do on our daily routine. Despite that, we all want to cut down on sugar and use that yoga mat we bought last summer. If that is not working well enough for us, we join the gym.

  • Barbie Lovers' Paradise

    I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world / Life in plastic, it's fantastic...

  • Taste of authentic Thai at Thai Xpress

    All of this happened when a talented 22 year old studying in Canada came to Bangladesh for his vacation.

  • A healthier source of entertainment - Clay Station Dhaka

    The substantial lack of food-less recreation in our city is quite evident. The absence of nightlife and places to go for enjoyment has driven most of us inside our homes tied to our smart phones or tabs.

  • The allure of Aroyee: Fine-dining in your own home

    “Aroyee mai?” These two words ring out in the street food hubs of Thailand, the first bite inevitably complemented by the question. A simple translation is, “Is it delicious?”

  • The Way, Dhaka – the hottest boutique hotel in town

    Nestled in the vibrant and growing business district of the capital, 'The Way' Dhaka is a brand new international hotel chain.

  • Divine Beauty Lounge & Makeup Maestro Bapon Rahman

    It happened – I fell in love. And the objects of my affection, utterly charming, are the works of make-up maestro Bapon Rahman.

  • Wonders of Four Points by Sheraton, Dhaka, Gulshan

    If you were looking for a place to relax and flex your muscles by swimming, then your calls have been answered. Four Points by