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  • The tin affair

    When we discuss the tone and ambience of our home, we do not only mean the décor! Interior decorating does not come that easy; it deals with a lot of things and includes details starting from the fabric of our sofas to the tableware we use.

  • A Spice Heaven

    As Eid-ul-Azha approaches so does our creativity for new recipes, and new recipes call for an army of brand new spices.

  • Rug it up a notch

    Nothing beats the comfort and elegance of a white rug in pure wool. From the raw materials to the design to the outcome, everything about this rug screams sophistication and luxury.

  • Places for eyewear

    An accessory in the frenzied industry of dying trends, spectacles and shades are the innovative category that has seen constant evolution. The eyes are, after all, windows to your soul, and adding drama while making a style statement with a pair of eyewear is the perfect way to highlight your personality.

  • A hunt for your next cell phone - Balancing budget and brand

    An ideal phone should have a reliable camera, good screen, good looks and build quality, and good audio quality. Another key point to a good phone is the user experience, which should not stutter like YouTube on dial-up Internet.

  • Fire in a jar at Newton's Archive

    Four friends spending time together by default owing to their classes at university together is not a very unusual scenario for anyone, but this particular group had their heads buzzing with ideas and hearts fluttering with dreams, which happily enough for us brought about the creation of 'Newton's Archive.' The beginnings were only a soft ripple in the ocean, which now is full of waves worthy of being surfed upon.

  • Dress your lips

    Dress your lips

    When you look in the mirror to glance at your own reflection, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Is it your soul staring back through dilating pupils? For me, it's always the lips – dry lips, wet lips, bare lips, or coloured lips!

  • Quality attire by fine threads

    Fine Threads is made for Bangladesh, in Bangladesh.

  • Comfy cushions

    One of the easiest ways to change up the feel of a room without splurging has to be the addition of colourful cushions that add some

  • The bird that helps lift spirits — Sunbird

    There is something special in Bangladesh's air, something extraordinary with its people! Why else would countless expats like Samira Kenward Tharani call this place a second home?

  • Calming down in summer

    Summer means comfort. It is the time of the year to stock the wardrobe with soft colours like pastels, corals and whites.

  • KONAD - The World of Nail Art and Much More

    Despite the endless pile of workload that you may have throughout the day, we all need that one bit of relief, an activity to de-stress.

  • Make up tricks!

    Never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as base.

  • Cosmetics

    This heat is no friend to the staying power of makeup, nor is it really doing much good for our skin.

  • Shoes this Eid

    Life is too short for a boring outfit; and the easiest way to complete an outfit and make it stand out are with accessories, specifically shoes.

  • Teenagers' guide to Eid wear

    As Eid comes around, its time to start shopping and this year Dhaka has more options than ever before. The entry and emergence of high quality local brands has made the market much more competitive, with brands now more conscious of their pricing strategies.