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  • Wedding Photography Etiquettes

    Photographs are meant to capture special, yet fleeting moments to be cherished later on. It might seem simple enough to hold up a smartphone and click away, but

  • Flag down hair troubles

    For the hopeful brides-to-be; imagine a day right before the wedding that is just going perfect! Everything is in order, from your clutch to the shoes.

  • Post wedding care: skin and body

    Perhaps, the big day is over, but what shall follow is a series of post wedding dinners, luncheons and evening parties; meaning you really cannot bid adieu (even for a day) to the make-up kit just yet.

  • Four commandments for the STACHE

    It is a feat. But soon enough, that feat starts feeling like an everyday mess you have signed up for life. Be it cuts or the very idea of wasting a good few minutes every day, the shaving routine can be far from being convenient. However, follow these simple rules and make peace with it.

  • Four commandments for the STACHE

    It is a feat. But soon enough, that feat starts feeling like an everyday mess you have signed up for life. Be it cuts or the very idea of wasting a good few minutes every day, the shaving routine can be far from being convenient. However, follow these simple rules and make peace with it.

  • Invest on your skin right!

    Men's skin has long since ceased to be a closed book. Besides having facial hair, there are structural differences between men's skin and women's skin. Men's skin is up to 15 percent thicker than that of a woman, due to androgen (testosterone) stimulation.

  • Glycerine – the winter wonder

    If pure glycerine becomes too powerful for you, you can always mix in a few drops with your gel or cream moisturiser. This will not make your skin too oily or clogged, and will achieve the perfect balance.

  • Hygiene for the conscious

    No matter how lazy you are feeling, a shower or bath is a must if you have stepped out of the home at any time of the day. Do not hit the couch and let all that gunk build up on your body and hair. Instead, opt for a nice shower that helps to relax as well.

  • Fall essentials for when you're on the move

    The weather nowadays seems to be erratic and moody as the citizens of this city, changing without notice. As the nights get longer and you turn down your ceiling fans' speed a notch, you realise that the humidity and heat of summer are long gone. But as pleasant as the chilly breezes may feel at first, they do bear a bleak reminder for you to buckle up and start preparing for fall.

  • Rapunzel Hair

    Imagine you had the perfect day with spotless makeup and a swanky dress on. But your hair looked droopy, dry and life-less! The entire look would be jeopardized in a moment only because the mane decided to misbehave.

  • Dandruff remedies for the hunk!

    Use shampoo that contains salicylic acid and Vitamin E, which breaks up build up of dandruff, washing it away effortlessly and soothes the skin to reduce irritation respectively, making your scalp feel fresh.

  • Squeaky clean Eid

    There are some grownup things to consider too, such as setting out budgets for your sacrificial animal, setting up the butchers, and of course, getting all sorts of cleaning agents, such as bleach and detergent, before the big day arrives.

  • Taking care of your first plant

    With summer in full swing, and infinite reasons to have green surround us, nothing beats the happiness of heading out to our nearest nursery to bring home some of that blooming goodness. But even though taking care of a plant is not as hard as a pet, it is not easy either, especially if you have never done it before.

  • Biggest Career Mistakes Millennials Make

    Millennials have inherited a very different world from their predecessors. While the advantages of having the world at our fingertips is innumerable, it also provides us with a continuous psychological dilemma of choosing from innumerable options for everything.

  • Dress to impress

    Whether it's your first time, or years as a veteran in the workforce, job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience. While we can't help you with what to say, what we can say is that an interview is the one place where first impressions REALLY matter. If you look drab, grab the door handle as you won't be there long. Remember to do your homework when choosing your outfits. Here are some tips to make sure you look as good as your resume.

  • When rain is a menace

    First and foremost, avoid white during rainy season. And the reason is simple, it'll get see-through in case you get drenched creating an embarrassing situation for you. Wear brights and pastels instead to maintain a cheerful aura in the gloomy atmosphere.

  • Pro tips for a twenty-first century home

    Start with the mise-en-scene. Like a movie set, the floor plan and lighting are vital to the decoration. A modern house has a strategic base; electronic lives now call for strategic power socket planning. Even the best seat in the house needs a charger for your phone nearby. Socket distances should be convenient to accessibility, and all of this must add to the aesthetics.

  • Hijab and summer haircare

    Whether we realise it or not, glands of our scalp constantly release sweat and sebum; when the head is covered with a hijab, it creates a warmer environment which is ideal for bacterial and fungal infestation, resulting in itching, stickiness and that dreaded bad odour.

  • Oily scalp and hair loss

    Hair roots come with sebaceous glands, which secrete an oily substance called sebum. In fact, this sebum benefits the hair but excessive sebum production is the cause for oily hair.

  • Cleaner for your screen

    As far as cleaning tech devices, screens in any form and size pose the biggest challenge. The obnoxious trend of wiping off mobile screens with toothpaste was here for a while, but it is simply not recommended.

  • Do's and Don'ts of Ride Sharing

    Always wear a proper helmet (this goes for both the passenger and rider) that fits the size of your head. As annoying and uncomfortable as it feels to some, remember that not wearing one even during a crash at a speed of just 25 kilometres per hour can cause brain injury.

  • The organic hair colour

    What say you about dyeing your hair in a dazzling shade that shall shine in hues of the evening sky? Sounds tempting, right?

  • Digital detox

    With the chaos which comes with the rush of city life, smartphones seem like the perfect escapade. Not only is every step of our life massively dependent on our digital windows, but we also use our precious gadgets for entertainment and interaction.

  • Warnings from your skin

    You hydrate your skin regularly, apply the top shelf foundation and never forget to use the right serum. But how closely are you listening to your skin? As the largest sensory organ on the human body, our skin can give early warnings of an impending internal ailment. Then again not every scratch or bump is a reason to run to the dermatologist! You can start with looking out for and taking care of the basic signs first.

  • Cream contouring made easy

    Probably, there has been times when you were really feeling yourself, wanted to look extra chiselled and followed your favourite Guru with her contouring techniques, only to find out that instead of looking flawless, your efforts turned out muddy, patchy and unblended!

  • Being the standout single

    While there are no set rules or guidelines to spend this time correctly, there are simple things that can add up to a marvellous and fulfilled life.

  • Exfoliate your brows

    Most of us include exfoliating our face as a part of our daily beauty routine. Exfoliation keeps our face free of dirt, dead skin cell, product build up, and promotes a healthy skin revival, especially for winter.

  • Winter road trips

    Whether you are in a mood to discover unexplored sites in close proximity to the city, or you simply want to escape the stress, pollution and restlessness of the busy capital, a long drive could be the most relaxing getaway for you, if you know just where to go. So, check up on your ride's nitty-gritty, fill up the tank and get set to hit the open roads!

  • Feet care: Winter Edition

    After hoarding on five different types of moisturisers and serums for our beloved facial skin, we often fall short on care for our feet. Sure, our facial skin is the most sensitive and requires utmost care

  • Do you beditate?

    We have all heard of yoga, pilates and meditation, but how many of us have actually heard of the term Beditation? The term itself is a new word that people on the internet have invented, but the practice is not. In short, it is simply good old meditation before bed, to help us fall asleep quicker.