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Holy Ramadan food
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Ramadan headaches and acidity

When prepping for the month of Ramadan, people consider things like grocery shopping, prayers, eventual shopping for Eid, and so on, but it escapes the thought of most people to prepare their body as well. After all, you don't exactly run a marathon right after waking up in the morning. There are preparations required for this month, especially for those of us who face challenges arising from the act of fasting

Of Artists with Beauty Brushes
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Of Artists with Beauty Brushes

A BSC in Computer Science and Engineering, Basma Md. Liakat Khan spent her early life in Saudi Arabia before shifting back home to Bangladesh.

A Healthy Guide to Deshi Iftar
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A Healthy Guide to Deshi Iftar

Admit it. We all just adore an elaborate spread of chhola, peyaju, beguni and kebabs galore, the top traditional items that we simply cannot imagine having an iftar without. But before you prepare to feast upon all these foods in all their delectable oily glory, here's some food for thought:

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