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  • Patriot Acts
    Patriot Acts

    Early the next morning, after Rafi finally turned off the TV and...

  • Rada Intensity

    We were out in the park, frolicking—all sixteen of us. Well, sort...

  • On A Street
    On A Street

    Nanga Pagla the sky‑clad one

  • Searching

    A pebble ran to a beach in search of a home

  • Catmoir

    Cats are to be hated. And their whining, which some might lovingly...

  • Port of Tranquility

    On a sun baked plateau, infused with the hue of stained blood and...

  • Orange Man from Netrakona

    Besides daily errands, Aklima Begum had barely been outside her Dhanmondi apartment in months. At first there seemed no plan to it.

  • On Retiring

    Six professors of the Department of English of Dhaka University retired recently and were given a farewell on the occasion. The following poems were penned for this occasion.

  • Rabindranath’s 76th death anniversary being observed

    The 76th death anniversary of the Bard of Bengal Rabindranath Tagore is observed.

  • From Dhaka and Dirty Dialectics:

    But, Dhaka, I hear your sepoy in the attic say, as he fashions his life after the size and shape of a solitude more tenacious than my

  • Dhaka Landing

    Dhaka was still slumbering. The sun was yet to come up, and the silence spread over the pitched road was yet to be swallowed by the

  • Two Idiots in Dhaka

    That building over there—that is the High Court!

  • Tears of Unmet Love

    Once upon a decade, a lost soul had fallen in love with the flaws of another one. He saw beauty in the eccentricity of her grey skin,

  • Beyond the Shadows of Life

    She kept on walking.

  • Austenland Revisited

    I advance towards the bookshelf, a pleasurable hum of anticipation running through me – today is that most rare of opportunities: an

  • The Lights of Love

    The universe has a way of tossing us into the winds of time