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  • The Bossman #35

    The Bossman #34

  • The Bossman #34

    The Bossman #33

  • The Bossman #32

    The Bossman #31

  • The Bossman #31

    The Bossman

  • The Bossman #30

    So one of the minions took on a new job...

  • The Bossman #29

    The Bossman

  • The Bossman #28

    Bossman's gotten social media savvy. Now he can send memos to employees quick and easy!

  • The Bossman #27

    Bossman put up his own motivational posters. Is it going to work?

  • The Bossman #26

    Office hires a motivational speaker to boost productivity.

  • The Bossman #25

    The Minion and the new HR are Facebook friends now. Will he finally get that raise?

  • The Bossman #24

    For a change, the office has decided to give the Minion something for no reason whatsoever. And it is not extra work again.

  • The Bossman #23

    The Minion has a suggestion on how to improve performance. How is the new HR going to take this?

  • The Bossman #22

    The Bossman's looking for an HR executive. But what's a dog doing here?

  • The Bossman #21

    The traffic jam is horrible. Will the Bossman let his minion leave early today?

  • The Bossman #20

    There's a new intern and the Bossman wants him to get coffee?

  • The Bossman #19

    Bossman believes an open door policy improves morale and output. What's he up to now?

  • The Bossman #18

    It's time to discuss a raise!

  • The Bossman #17

    Office psychiatrist says the minion should take up painting to relieve excess stress.

  • The Bossman #16

    Files have been piling up for three days now. Where's this minion? Find him now and fire him!

  • The Bossman #15

    One of the minions looks worse than half-day-old canteen food. Why won't he take a sick leave?

  • The Bossman #14

    Holiday is over just ahead of the weekend. Why is no one here yet?

  • The Bossman #13

    Holographic CV. Impeccable grammar. Sorry, we're looking for someone willing to work for very little.

  • The Bossman #12

    One of the minions has a "great idea". Will the Bossman approve?

  • The Bossman #11

    Just following my job description...

  • The Bossman #10

    Will The Bossman give his minion a raise?

  • The Bossman #9

    Minions have been tagging The Bossman on Facebook and sending email links all day. All that to get his attention and approval.

  • The Bossman #8

    We have the biggest inboxes for our employees!

  • The Bossman #7

    The boss wants ideas for change. For innovation. What will the minions cook up?

  • The Bossman #6

    The Boss just loves those old Mission Impossible movies. Spying, spying, and more spying.

  • The Bossman #5

    Back in the good old days, we had so many tools with which to punish and torture our staff for failing to meet deadlines. Especially by make them use a 56K modem.