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    The stars keep me up at night, It's me and my broken compass, sometimes.

  • Kindness

    “Please help him, mama,” I hear in Chottu's voice. I open my eyes even though it seems to take everything in me to do so. Chottu is begging with his hands joined in front of a stranger.

  • Vengeance

    All my life they made me believe, I'll sit idle, watching them leave, All my life they've told, I'll get ashes, they'll get gold.

  • The Basement

    It was the 19th of May when we moved into this house. The previous owners had moved out because their second child, Anthony, was missing. I had a very bad feeling about moving in to this house at first, but when I told my parents they told me it was all about the way I was taking things.

  • Falling

    A shameless, raw feeling, Looking over my shoulder, for a glimpse back.

  • Snacks on a Plane

    I, Shariful Siddique Shaheb, have witnessed rains like no other man. For over four months, I have stared at the sky while it sprayed all over my face.

  • The power of music

    It was an ordinary summer afternoon. It was one of those days in the middle of July when the sun's scorching heat burnt so brightly, everyone questioned how poet's ever came up with romantic poems about the season.

  • The Bookshelf

    A mysterious set of stories, A part of something meaninglessly true,

  • Breathe

    Hot tears crept down my cheeks as I looked around with eyes red and swollen. The room seemed to be closing in on me. It was dark, almost spooky. Near the ceiling, a thin ray of sunlight was streaming in through a small slit that barely passed for a window.

  • A Queen's Game

    She rolls the dice and it's a seven, In a game of chess, like an ace of spade. She counts all the daggers you throw at her, And repays them with a dazzling smile and fresh blood.

  • I'll Keep You Safe

    In a small building, underneath the bright red sky, a woman stood looking out the window. She wore a very tired expression on her face. Someone who had seen so much of the world at its worst times and felt like she had enough of it. But there was still one thing that acted as an anchor for her between this world and insanity.

  • Mute

    I don't speak from my heart, The things which cannot be said. I notice them with my brain, The little things.

  • Water for birds

    Most months in the city were hot. One competed with another. As though they were trying to see which one of them sizzled more.

  • Riddle Me

    It may be a cryptic remark, an unfinished story, Or a deathly poison disguised as a melody.

  • The Feast

    Today is hotter than the other days. The heat feels more exasperating on my black feather as black absorbs more heat. Pigeons are still flying restlessly up above where I am fully exhausted by the heat and pandemonium of this city.

  • To the Awaken Slumber

    My skeleton wrapped in this tawny skin, To Medusa, I feel akin.

  • Stay

    It had been weeks since Adil met Taranna and both of them ended up being paired up for the upcoming dance competition. Adil felt like he was only doing it since his name was unfortunate enough to be called during the draw. But as the days passed, that mindset slowly started to change.

  • Hope in a Tea Cup

    How I was writhing in pain! You used to observe me in silence, From the other side of my agony. And, here at this side, always remained amassed huff.

  • The lightning without thunder

    The sky was a sleeping shade of air-brushed grey. Ashen, pastel, grey. But soon it woke up as dark, furious clouds tempered its mood, evading its tranquillity and the sky, slowly turning deeper, duly started its tantrum.

  • Faces

    Billions of faces I see, Billions of lives, breathe, The sound of all their souls drifting through.

  • Sunrays

    WHO AM I ?

    I am what I do not know, Wings of fire, heart of snow.

  • The Cat Burglar

    As I stretch out onto my bed, my eyes drooped. Master had been at “the gym” all day today, so there were no pesky interruptions in my observation of the winged rodents next door. I believe I have almost cracked their behaviour pattern and will most definitely have one of them as my captive the next time Master forgets to close the barrier between our abodes.

  • Tears

    A drop of water, a pouring rain, highlighted by the moonlight, A burnt up winter, a worsening pain, no place where I could hide.

  • Pale Blue Grocery Bag

    She wasn't exactly the 'turning heads when walking into a room' type of girl. That kind of attention didn't appeal to her to begin with. She had always been more of a keen listener; silence had been her strongest language from the start, and she spoke it fluently. She craved a love that felt right but was also afraid of finding it.

  • Paranoia

    Even the slightest of sounds can seem piercing, when amidst crystalline silence. And right now, the noise of my own breathing sounds like a storm brewing to me. I try to breathe a bit more quietly, but there is little I can do to wane my thumping heart, which feels and appears to be a ceaseless machine.

  • Screams

    There are screams I bear witness to, As I lay awake in my bed. Perhaps the cries of sad and melancholic people, Resonating throughout my head.

  • The Painting

    A piece of vivid white paper, And a set of bottles of acrylic colour. A new brush, set in front of the protagonist, A story to be painted for the pallor.

  • Planet Nebula

    “So, where are you headed?” asked the waiter. Although the waiter was a robot, Chris was glad it had been given a female voice. He hadn't had human contact for such a long time. The only reason he took a detour to this space station was so that he could have a brief conversation with another being.

  • From one home to another

    It was hot inside the bus – there was no air-conditioning. I was engulfed by the stench of stale sweat, cheap cologne and a gloomy scent of desolation. What an oxymoron, though, because the bus was anything but empty, with passengers crammed both inside and on the roof, clutching their bags of coconuts and fresh vegetables that they had collected from

  • On my window pane

    On my window pane they stay –