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  • To the last hour

    'To the last hour of my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil.' — Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

  • Really cute love story

    I really, really wanted this to be a love story. The cute, mushy love stories where you meet, fall for each other, then have a fallout, but, afterwards it's happily ever after. Let's call my love interest for this story Dean Winchester.

  • Flying High

    In the open sky

  • Stay tonight

    The air is thick and the ground is wet,

  • Vultures

    The thin man had his heart chained to his rusty bicycle. The squealing bell, rubber handles, plastic paddles, leather seat, all of them absorbed his presence like oxygen. As if it were an animal and he were a tree, both needing each other to live.

  • Pepper Trigger

    “Hey girl, do you know why we're a rice based country?” I ask, retaining the smug face like it's the first time I'm asking.“Do I know you?” Tasnim replies, as usual.“Because every restaurant here has 15 percent VAT included.”

  • Tea of Life

    Close to the tea of life, the steam is most visible.

  • Taciturn Thoughts

    Not everyone deserves to know

  • Redundant

    Your calls have become redundant now.

  • Wonders, lost

    While getting out of the house at 7.39 am every day, thoughts of moving to a faraway land ran through her mind. Winnie, as everyone called her, was already tired of her life. The atrocity of college did not seem to end.

  • The Plymouth in Blue

    Susanna was running towards home as the sky gaped and water plunged down, bending the teaks, wetting the grass, sprouting tea puddles on the rough roads, feeding the lakes, and driving the cows into their barns. It had been six months since it rained after


    Why? Because I never rode shotgun on public transport before. But what did I get?

  • Believe me I'm a liar

    “I've been thinking about you lately,” Phoebe said almost absentmindedly gazing outside. The first snow of the year had just started to fall and she loved watching the greys of the cobbled streets turn into white.

  • The Silent Night

    The night draws in,

  • Freckled Sky

    The sky is looking different today

  • To My Beloved

    From where I am sitting, it smells like disinfectants, antiseptics, confusion, anxiety, anticipation and helplessness. It's 4 AM. The doctors have told me to hope for the best.

  • Hope among other things

    An empty canvas is a horrible thing,

  • Weightlessness

    High up at the edge of a building, there stood a raindrop. He was ten feet above the earthy surface, landing upon which would inevitably cause his demise.

  • My Stable Relationship

    One, nine, seven, three


    What are you supposed to feel when you're holding a heart in your hands?

  • The Team

    Stormageddon is quite pissed at the boy. “What the heck is taking him so long?” he wants to yell into thin air but reserves himself at the last moment. Instead he makes a livid growling sound.


    Heroes, my fathers.

  • Seasonal Afflictions

    With frayed edges And dented spines

  • inked

    “So you notice absolutely nothing different about me?” Mumu asked the question for the third time and the first time with disappointment in her voice.

  • The Bane of Womanhood

    Oh woman, made from gold and fire.

  • Heaven in the Sky

    The lamp's frail light cut the darkness in yellow rays. And the cramped house with broken furniture spoke of poverty.

  • A new world

    In all honesty, the device was a disappointment. That was the general feeling around camp when the scientists had brought out their finest creation — the pinnacle of their research.

  • HOPE

    Kitara started walking faster as the first streaks of sunlight illuminated the sky. She stopped abruptly, the magnificent view filling her entire field of vision. To say that the sunrise was beautiful would be a grave understatement.

  • She Who Remembers

    I saw her scavenging the streets lined with shops, bustling with vehicles, complemented by smokes crawling up the air. The sun had set, and the gloom was cut by the yellow rays emerging from the light poles.

  • Animosity

    It was Friday and for as long as Rafid could remember, every Friday, he and baba went together to the society mosque for Jummah prayers at one.