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  • Chipping In: Best in Bangladesh

    Everyone knows the trip to their local grocery store just isn't complete without a bag of chips. But as of late, it's tough with all the options available. So we'll be taking a look at the unspoken food war of Bangladesh – something far more cultured than your daily gourmet burger arguments: the chips war.

  • Preventive measures and safeguards against extremism in the university

    For the first time in Bangladesh, a two-day workshop was organised by British High Commission in Bangladesh in partnership with the University Grants Commission (UGC) focusing on the topic “Tackling Extremism on Campus: the UK & Bangladesh experience”.

  • Pros and cons of having an identical twin

    Please bear up with me while I try to make this article as relatable as possible to all the kids with doppelgangers out there.

  • How to eat better on campus

    Considering the typical meals and snacks options available on and around campuses, trying to eat healthy can be quite a struggle.

  • Being Fairy Squad Parent

    At 17, I wasn't ready to be a mom. More so, the mom to five immature, rowdy hoodlums who laugh at videos of cats urinating on babies. See, I didn't really opt for the squad mom life.


    The following test is measured on a scale of 1 to Rick and Morty fan. No answers have been provided, assuming that if you're a true Rick and Morty fan you already know all the answers.

  • Bookworm Peeves

    Bookworms usually tend to have it hard. By “it”, I mean “the book”, which they usually prefer to have in hard cover.

  • Economics: the deconstructed edition

    Once you have studied a subject long enough, it grows a hold over you. More importantly, everything around you seems related to it. For some frank understanding, here are some theories of economics dressed as everyday matters. Do note that these explanations are far cries from the actual applications.

  • Anthropology

    Anthropology: It's more than just old bones

    As an undergraduate student of Anthropology, I've spent the past 4 years explaining to countless people what my major is. It's not an easy task because Anthropology is the result of some dissatisfied thinkers believing existing

  • Pink City versus Gausia

    Gausia is probably one of the oldest markets of Dhaka city, with internal lanes so much like a maze that one could potentially get lost in there, unless, of course, he is a regular and dedicated customer.

  • Struggles of a slow reader

    Reading is an unparalleled experience that anyone who indulges in it can affirm you. A gateway to a new world, a getaway from the tiresomeness of our everyday life, a glimpse into the lives we wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

  • The bright sides to a spoiler

    Spoilers are something we avoid like the plague and any mention of them results in riots, pitchforks, and a whole lot of hate.


    It's a well-known scenario when a young man or even a middle aged one can be seen feeling distraught because a lack of facial hair has diminished his standing in the world as a male.

  • Minimalism: A Beginner's Guide

    Although minimalism has become commonly associated with aesthetics, minimalism goes far beyond style and décor— it is the idea that our lives can be simplified by living minimally which can help anyone who's looking to de-clutter their lives- be it a relationship or a wardrobe.

  • skinny guy

    A day in the life of a skinny guy

    Shafi thinks it's high time the world talked about the struggles that came saran wrapped with a skinny body. But to his sadness, everyone only talks about how they have gained so much weight and how the fat is hell bent in staying settled in the abdomen.

  • Cliched Interview Answers

    As a job seeker, you may have faced multiple occassions where you prepped for job interviews by taking advice from various sources on the internet.

  • A love letter to winter

    A love letter to winter

    I perceived your arrival when the gentle chill in the air turned into biting cold and the morning fog gathered on my window glass, condensing and crashing to the sill. Your quiet footsteps didn't warn anyone of your arrival.

  • Struggles of being a Bangladeshi nerdfighter

    On their channel, the Vlogbrothers talk about anything and everything, starting from world politics to science, to rants about everyday lives. Their videos can be informative, inspiring, silly, and downright hilarious.

  • winter dresses of girl

    5 things a girl must have in her wardrobe this winter

    Winter is fast approaching with shorter days and cooler weather. It is the best time of the year with its frosty mornings, bhapa pitha and of course, winter weddings. This is the time when we start scouring our closets for the forgotten

  • Ode to Bhat

    Back in 2012, when Passenger was booming in everyone's radio with their hit new single, one line in particular stuck with me, “Only know you love her when you let her go”.

  • Bangladeshi book clubs you should follow

    While the non-bookworms will find it boring to point out the flaws of Rupi Kaur's poetry and relish JK Rowling's works, book-nerds can now share their thoughts and crack humour with a group of like-minded individuals instead of suffocating themselves with their own opinions.

  • Myths about minimalistic art

    Art is the subject of many memes as it is. When you add the adjective “minimalistic” to it, the internet kids can go ballistic.

  • BHUMIJO: Ending the public toilet crisis for women

    There is a toilet in Gawsia that smells like flowers. It is clean, bright and flooded with sunlight. And it is solely for women.

  • Struggles of a combined student

    When the time came for me to choose subjects for my O Levels, I was completely confused. Not only was I clueless about the direction I want to steer my life towards, I was also disinterested in a lot of the subjects offered.

  • The Great Grade Slumber

    We've all been there, haven't we? Surrounded by books, scribbled papers, stationeries spread all across the table and constantly scratching our heads trying to make our battered, worn out brains work.

  • On a mission to make the best, better

    4-H is America's largest youth development organisation – empowering nearly six million young people across the USA with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

  • DIY Halloween costumes

    Looking for cheap and easy to do Halloween costume ideas? Well, look no further.

  • The Rapunzel Struggles

    When television commercials showed long silky hair, the young me would drool and dream. I always wanted to have luscious locks, and achieved them at one point.

  • Why I love soup so much

    Soup makes for a quick and easy comfort food, especially when it's chilly outside. Despite being there since ages, it's still somewhat underrated. Below I discuss exactly why it shouldn't be and the reasons behind my eternal love for soup.

  • Types of Rickshawalas

    Types of Rickshawalas

    This piece of work is in no way a slight to the image of rickshawalas. Regardless of what I tell you, without them, Bangladesh wouldn't be Bangladesh.