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For the love of reading and photography
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For the love of reading and photography

On the occasion of two years of its founding, Litmosphere, an online book club that provides people a platform to share their love for reading and much more, hosted an exhibition with a difference at Gallery Chitrak this August.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Set up to recognise, enhance and develop the next generation of diplomats. This community of exceptionally bright and accomplished future leaders will gain further insight, tools and opportunities to engage with key stakeholders at a crucial time in their careers and broaden their connections to influence global leaders.

  • Education - A medium to build a better nation

    In the SSC vocational exam held under the Technical Education Board in 2018, 60 students participated from UCEP AK Khan Technical School. All of the 60 students passed, achieving GPA 5.

  • Making Youth Voices Count

    Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) is hosting the fifth Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) to amplify the voices of young citizens and inform and include them in the processes that shape national policies. This engagement is imperative to reflect upon the existing challenges and opportunities faced by youth.

  • A brilliant approach to surveillance

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), the area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like human beings, is giving surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyse live videos with no human interference necessary.

  • On Board to Pursue their Goals

    The United States Embassy Dhaka organised a debriefing session for those Bangladeshi students who are heading for the United States of America to pursue higher studies this Fall.

  • Envisioning a better society for the youth and women

    A significant percentage of the population of Bangladesh consists of youth and women, and without the inclusion of more than half of its citizen, a country cannot progress.

  • Sharif Adibur Rahman An Arithmetic Champion

    Sharif Adibur Rahman, an eigth grader of European Standard School, became the Grand Champion at the Aloha Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2018, held at the World Trade Center in Moscow on July 22.

  • Distant dreams becoming reality

    Yakutsk International Science Fair is an international competition of research works of students from Russia and other countries of the world. This year, 18-year olds Audri Priyom Bhowmik, Mashrur Ahmed Tusher and Shihab Sharar from Saint Joseph High and Secondary School, Dhaka, took home the bronze medals in this competition.

  • Youth Opportunities

    With the grand theme “Becoming the Next Leader in the 21st Century”, FLC 2018 offers enlightening conference attended by renowned international speakers in United Nations Young Leaders, exciting cultural exchange sessions and a comprehensive discussion on diplomatic skills that emphasises on future leader qualities.

  • UNYSAB MUN Conference in Rajshahi

    United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh Model United Nations Conference 2018

  • RLC Presents - 5th DRMC-Petromax LPG National Language Festival 2018

    from July 26 to 28, 2018.

  • Opening Up about Sexual Harassment and SRHR

    Youth Advocacy Forum on Preventing Violence against Women and Girls: Addressing Masculinities and Promoting SRHR Education

  • "World Youth Skills Day 2018"

    Youth Talk, a new initiative of Star Youth, The Daily Star, which is a dialogue programme focusing on the development of the young generation of Bangladesh, discussed issues concerning the youth of Bangladesh and how this major sector of skilled population is being evaluated in the job market in its first episode.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Future Leader Congress is held by Studec International and supported by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP). Entering its first annual session, FLC aims to bring together more than 400 young and talented future leaders from all across the world to experience United Nations atmosphere.

  • Being Heard on a Global Platform

    The European Development Days is Europe's leading forum on development since 2006, and was held this year in Brussels, Belgium on June 5 and 6. Organised by the European Commission, the EDD brings the development community together to share ideas and

  • Bangladesh Youth Delegation Visit to India: Part-II

    After our Delhi ventures, we arrived in Mumbai in the evening. I started loving the city as soon as I stepped into it, even before getting out of the airport. The splendour of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai doubled my excitement for the next few days.

  • Art For Cause: Chapter 1

    Art For Cause: Chapter 1 was held this year from July 13 to 15 at Dhaka’s Drik Gallery

  • Let the art begin!

    Art Battle Dhaka was orchestrated successfully at the MIDAS Center

  • The Math Genius

    Ahmed Zawad Chowdhury has won the first ever Gold Medal for Bangladesh in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) at its 59th session held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

  • A game spirit where everyone wins!

    Bustle and excitement were emanating from the Moushumi field in Rayerbazar on July 5, as two groups of highly charged children donned their favourite Brazil and Argentina jerseys for a display of high-octane athleticism.

  • Of Art and Realism: Nuzhats'

    Hyper-realism is an art style where artists attempt to recreate images in visual similarity to as the name implies, realistic depictions similar to a photograph. Two artists talk about this style and their upcoming exhibition, Nuzhats' and share their thoughts.

  • Youth Opportunities

    International Ambassador Scholarships 2018 in UK

  • A Purple Dream

    Among some great names of short lived visionaries, Abinta Kabir will always be a name that propels hope to the underprivileged.

  • Feeding your creative soul

    We often spend our weeks rushing around focusing so much on our everyday commitments, whether it's our job, school, or ticking off daily errands, that we hardly have a chance to relax.

  • Youth Opportunities

    National Hackathon for Women 2018

  • Bangla Initiator: Young journalists in action

    'Thrill' is the word that Sabuz Shahriar Khan uses when describing journalism. This crime journalism enthusiast had a penchant for the field since his younger days and still views it as a platform to ask questions as well as a means of impacting the society.

  • Grumpy Fish: Business that runs with passion

    From '90s literature to hip TV series, Grumpy Fish caters to an audience who are interested in pop-culture. Nobonita Roy and Samia Binte Alamgir are the two originators behind this clothing brand.


    Children love paper crafts or origami as evidenced by how they are enamoured with their first paper airplane, paper hat, or paper boat.

  • Rising above all

    An arbitrary belief travels around - “Private Universities are disarticulated with the culture of Bangladesh”.

  • Youth Opportunities

    The IPF creates a platform for the professional and aspiring photographers, the photography lovers and the public where the festival