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Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians too

Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians too

The EU's top diplomat yesterday pledged to reinvigorate diplomacy with Russia, the United States, Jordan and others to ensure Palestinians have a capital in Jerusalem after US President Donald Trump recognised the city as Israel's capital.


Mission in Syria 'accomplished'

Russia's defence ministry yesterday said its mission to oust Islamic State jihadists from Syria had been "accomplished" with the country "completely liberated" from the extremist group.

UK will 'destroy and eliminate' IS citizens

British citizens fighting for Islamic State should be located and killed and not allowed back into the country, new defence minister Gavin Williamson told the Daily Mail yesterday.

EU takes Czechs, Hungary, Poland to top court

EU takes Czechs, Hungary, Poland to top court

The EU took the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to the bloc's top court yesterday over their refusal to accept quotas for asylum-seekers, setting up a new clash between Brussels and key eastern states.

Indo-China ties on fire again

China lodged an official protest with India yesterday after charging that an Indian drone had "invaded" its airspace before crashing, months after the two sides ended a tense border standoff.

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