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US President Donald Trump's cancellation of a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatens further strain on US-China ties amid a trade dispute that had been intertwined with Beijing's pressure on isolated Pyongyang.


US House turns up pressure on Myanmar

Members of the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday in favor of legislation to pressure Myanmar, also known as Burma, to improve its record on human rights.

EU's new data law enters into force

Several major US news websites including the Los Angeles Times were blocked in Europe yesterday after the EU's new data protection laws came into effect.

Indonesia toughens up anti-terror laws

Indonesia's parliament yesterday approved tougher anti-terrorism laws as it seeks to combat a surge in homegrown Islamist militancy,

France arrests spies for passing info to China

Two former French spies have been arrested and face treason charges after being accused of passing sensitive information to China,

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